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Maria Dockery - Entrepreneur and Advocate for Women

Maria Dockery owner of Femme Fatale Arms.

Maria Dockery is an entrepreneur, women’s advocate, firearms instructor, and the owner of Femme Fatale Arms and Training located in Palm Bay Florida.  Femme Fatale Arms is not only a gun store and training organization, it is a place where women become educated and empowered, learning to defend themselves and their families.  Femme Fatale was launched by Maria after a series of home invasions throughout central Florida that brought about an increased need for firearms ownership.  After several negative experiences in trying to purchase a gun at local gun stores, she began to realize just how difficult it is for women in the male dominated world of firearms.  Learning that other women were facing these same challenges, she decided to do something drastically different in the Firearms world, that being opening a business that focused on women first, and their self-defense needs.  

Since starting Femme Fatale Arms Maria has been on a constant path of growth, offering expanded training opportunities and support to her customers.  She has been featured in Florida Today, Spacecoast Business, and the national conservative women’s magazine “Expressions”.  Femme Fatale has become the destination for women throughout Central Florida seeking advice, education, training, and firearms.  Maria has become a spokesperson for Women and Firearms in the region and can be found at speaking engagements throughout Central Florida.

Maria supports multiple causes and organizations throughout the region.


Level I & II Tactical Handgun

Low Light Tactical Handgun

Close-quarters Tactical Rifle/Carbine


NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

SABRE Personal Safety Academy Instructor

NRA Refuse to Be A Victim

"Be a VOICE not an ECHO"

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Richard Dockery

Richard Dockery

Refers to himself as the "free help husband".