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Ladies Training Center

Firearms Training for women & men.

Basic Use and Safety for Beginners/CCL*

proud woman with gun and certificate for concealed carry

This popular class is perfect for the  new shooter as well as those who have their Concealed Carry license but want more information and experience.

*This is the Gateway Class to our other more advanced class

Skill Builder I

happy woman with gun and target

Improving Accuracy & Handling 

(No Revolvers)

**This class is only available to students who successfully complete  "Use and Safety/CCW"

Skill Builder II

woman shooting gun at target outside

Improving Accuracy while Overcoming Adversity      

**This class is only available to students who successfully complete Skill Builder I

FFA Shooting Club

Monthly Shooting Club to build skills and practice shooting.

All Basic/Intro students are eligible to join our shooting club.  Practice what you know, build muscle memory, refine techniques and keep the rust off!  You'll need your own firearm and ammo for this club. 

AR-15 "Defense" Rifle

AR 15 Class for women

This class is perfect for the beginner and those who purchased one of these rifles, but still don't know what to do with it.  Two part class begins in the classroom with a familarization with the rifle.  

As always, men are welcome to attend.

Safety Classes for Kids

Eddie eagle gun safety class

The children will learn what to do if they encounter a gun - Stop, Don't Touch, Run Away, and Tell a Grown-up.  We will talk about firearms and watch age appropriate animated videos, in addition to coloring and story telling.  This class is designed to educate children from pre-school age through 3rd grade.  No firearms are involved in the teaching of this class. 

Learn to Shoot, for Women ... and men. learn to shoot in Palm Bay

AR-15 Defense Rifle Experience

"A husband can only do so much as you know. I think your class would really settle her mind and giver her the confidence she needs to use the rifle well. I want her to not be afraid, I want her to feel like the first time we left your store…confident."

Click here to read the whole essay (pdf)