4270 MINTON RD - Palm Bay, Florida

"the other feminine protection"

Firearms Instruction

Basic /Intro to Firearms

concealed carry certificate

Emphasis on female learning style.  Detail-oriented, relevant information designed to build confidence .  Questions are encouraged in this fun, friendly, respectful, environment. Well behaved men always welcome. 

Skill Builder I & II

After completing Basic/Intro to Firearms Class, students are invited to register for our next levels of training.  Challenging their skills and building confidence.

FFA Shooting Club

All Basic/Intro students are eligible to join our shooting club.  Practice what you know, build muscle memory, refine techniques and keep the rust off!  

Gun Cleaning Program

gun cleaning

Purchase a CLEAN CARD and join us every other Tuesday evening between 5:30 and 6:30PM.  Just bring your unloaded firearm and a smile.  We'll provide all the cleaning materials and guidance you need to clean your own gun.

Children's Safety Classes

Eddie eagle gun safety class

The children will learn what to do if they encounter a gun - Stop, Don't Touch, Run Away, and Tell a Grown-up.  We will talk about firearms and watch age appropriate animated videos, in addition to coloring and story telling.  This class is designed to educate children from pre-school age through 3rd grade.  No firearms are involved in the teaching of this class. 

Intro to AR Class

Become acquainted with your AR, in this 2 part class.


Children's Safety Classes