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Class Schedule

Introductory Classes

NSSF First Shots Program is an introduction to shooting is now offered monthly at Femme Fatale ARMS.

This Program is designed as a "soft introduction" into firearms.

The Class Fee includes the Firearm, Ammunition, Hearing and Eye Protection.  For all participants.

The biggest challenge for new shooters is getting started - we will make  getting started in shooting very easy.  

  • Our classes will be led by Femme Fatale ARMS' Certified Firearm Instructors.
  • We will have classroom instruction and discussion on what you need to know to always Safely Handle a Firearm. 
  • You will be treated in a respectful manner and encouraged to ask questions.
  • We will discuss the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm. 
  • Classes will be held to the same standards that earned Femme Fatale ARMS' our reputation.


Is this a handgun or rifle class?

Both!  Check the class description when you register for more details.

How long is this class?

Classroom and Range  instruction is expected to last approximately 60-90 minutes.

Will this class qualify for my Concealed Carry License?

No, this is an introduction.  Femme Fatale ARMS' offers Basic Firearm Use and Safety Class, which will qualify you for the required CCL training.


Can men attend this class?


I'd like to have my children learn about firearm safety, can they attend this class?  

Yes but... Our Palm Bay range does not permit persons under the age of 18 to take part in shooting activities.  HOWEVER... The classes taking place at the range in Sebastian will allow students as young as 10 years.  Parental involvement is required at all times. 

Lady holding target after concealed carry class.  Femme Fatale ARMS Palm Bay FL

Basic Firearm Use and Safety / FL Concealed Carry

Detail-oriented, relevant information designed to build confidence.  Emphasis on female learning style.  After the classroom portion of the class you will go to the range and shoot "one on one" with an instructor until you can comfortably shoot the target center mass.  Questions are encouraged in our fun, friendly, respectful, environment. If you don't have your own gun yet, stop in the store a couple of days before your class and learn about your options.  We'll be happy to help you select a gun that "fits" you.   We bring several of our top selling firearms to the range on class day and you will be able to actually shoot your selection during class.  "Try before you buy".  Men are always welcome in our store and classes.  

Range fee and use of firearm is included in class price.  Classroom approx. 2 hours - Range approx. 1.5 hours, note you will not be shooting the entire time.  Class size limited to 15.

I've completed this class, what's next?

You can go two directions.  Depending on your conficence level you can move on to Skill Builder 1 or you can take a slower path and sign-up for Form and Accuracy.  

Skill Builder Series


Form and Accuracy

This course is designed to reinforce the shooting skills you learned in our Introduction to Firearms and CCW course, and to better prepare you for success in our SkillBuilder curriculum.  This course is also designed for those who wish to revisit their form to increase their accuracy.

The focus of this course is on reinforcing your shooting form to build the necessary muscle memory for consistent and accurate shooting.  We will work slowly and deliberately to ensure proper form is developed and maintained.  We will also make all necessary adjustments to increase your accuracy and proficiency.  This course will build your confidence in your ability to handle your firearm and develop a solid foundation for all shooting and training to follow.


Skill Builder I

Improving Accuracy & Handling  (No Revolvers)

Bring your own firearm and plan to go through 200 rounds of ammunition as you learn to change magazines, deal with "jams" and other stoppages.  You will come out of this class a different shooter than when you came in, and you'll have FUN!

**This class is only available to students who successfully complete  "Use and Safety/CCW" You will be emailed a link to register for this class

(Revolvers are not permitted in this class)


Coming Soon


Coming soon


Skill Builder II

Improving Accuracy while Overcoming Adversity

Details will be sent to all qualified participants.


Coming Soon