Skill Builder I


Improving Accuracy & Handling (No Revolvers)

** This class is only available to students successfully completing our Gateway Class, Firearms-Use and Safety / Concealed Carry. 

Students must bring their own firearm (no Revolvers) and 200 rounds of ammunition. (4 boxes)

NOTICE- meet at the RANGE  

-           In this course you will have an opportunity to increase your knowledge of defensive shooting and will learn techniques for using your handgun in a defensive situation.  This class will develop muscle memory and proper form, while applying essential techniques that will establish a foundation for more advanced shooting.  

Emphasis is on accurate shot placement and not speed…doing everything right and slow to build proper muscle memory and technique so when you do move fast, you do it right and hit where you need to.  Handling "jams" and "stovepipes" will also be practiced. 

The Femme Fatale ARMS Skill-builder Improving Accuracy & Handling course is designed for those students who have taken an introduction to Handgun and/or Concealed Carry course (Femme Fatale Arms Intro to Firearms Safety recommended) and would like to further develop their defensive handgun shooting skills. Pre-Requisites:

-          Certificate of completion from Introductory Handgun Safety course.

-          Ability to independently load, fire, and unload firearm. Class size is limited to increase instructor to student ratio. 1:4


  • ·         Defensive semi-automatic handgun (NO REVOLVERS)
  • ·         200 rounds of good quality practice ammo (3-4 boxes)
  • ·         MININMUM OF 2 magazines
  • ·         Closed-toe shoes (no sandals or flip plops)
  • ·         Crew neck shirt
  • ·         Hearing protection
  • ·         Eye protection
  •           Sunblock
  •           Baseball type HAT
  • ·         Water  (we will take several breaks for hydration)

Range Fee is included in Registration.

Approximate length of course: 1.5 hours